Welcome to the MMAFRC Indoor flying page!! 

The MMAFRC club is fortunate to have TWO venues for indoor flying!!  The original National Guard Armory in Rock Falls, and the Tampico, IL  community building.

The Armory in Rock Falls, located at 716 6th Ave., is available week-days only, after 11:00 am, till around 4:00 pm.
One has to give way to the walkers that use the facility; however, this has not caused any problems to date.
  (Both parties are very courteous!!)

The new, second location in Tampico, IL is available to us on Weekends and nights, per pre arranged reservations.  This facility is on West 2nd St, and is the old grade school gymnasium.  This facility does require a fee for the reserved sessions to cover the minimal cost of rental.  $5 is charged per pilot to cover these costs.
Aircraft need to be typical indoor flyers, ie Parkzone Vapors, 4Sites, Champs, Cubs, etc, and the smaller micro Helicopters.  Please keep the size down, and weights to 6 oz. or less.

New for the 2017 season at the Rock Falls Armory is the requirment to call before entering.  Security directives have
been passed down to the Staff, and all doors must remain locked, at all times!  To that end,
A phone number is posted on the front doors.  Please call that number, and a staff
 office staff member will come to let you in.
Remember to please sign in at the kiosk near the front doors.......(please sign in and out, so the staff knows who uses the facility).  There is no charge for us to use this building, so PLEASE be courteous and thoughtful of others.

The Tampico facility will be utilized more this coming winter.  We plan to have one fly in day per month, starting in November, and concluding in March. Please check back here in late fall for the complete winter schedule!

Please click "Here" for a map of Tampico and the gym.

Please see the front page of the website for last minute changes to this schedule, and other
notes about the indoor season.

  For more information, and to be added to the indoor flyers email list, Please contact Darryl Miller, [email protected]

Thanks for your interest!!!