1.  How do RC Aircraft work?

RC aircraft fly using the same principals as their modern-day full sized counterparts.  In many ways, RC planes are more sophisticated due to the reduced size and the modern day electronics.  Using the latest in radio technology, RC aircraft are controlled using precision servos (digital or analog) which are powered by an on-board battery.  Each servo can operate a different control surface on the plane.  A long range transmitter and receiver will allow a RC pilot to fly a plane nearly out of sight without loss of signal.    

2.  How much does it cost to fly RC Aircraft?

This is a pretty broad question but a general answer is: $300 - $400 will get you the equipment required for RC flying.  Complete kits can be purchased from various hobby stores or you can piece together the equipment of your choice.  A typical starter radio can be purchased for about $100, a plane for another $100, and a Nitro motor for $50-$100.  Entry level electric planes can be found affordably as well.  Both Nitro and Electric aircraft will require some additional field equipment beyond the initial price of the plane.  The initial cost of entering RC flying is competitive with the cost of many other sports or hobbies. 

3.  What is better, electric or nitro/gas power?

This question is mostly opinion but there are a few guidelines you can use to determine what is best for you.  Electric power is quiet, clean, and affordable for smaller size models.  The larger the model, the more costly electric power becomes.  This is due to the high cost of LIPO batteries.  Electric planes will require you to have extra batteries and multiple chargers if you want to spend the entire day flying at the airfield. 

Nitro and Gas powered models require fuel and more tuning than their electric counterparts.  They are sometimes referred to as "Slimers" due to the oil which covers the plane after a few flights.  Fuel powered models require more maintenance and upkeep than electrics.  Despite this, these planes can be brought out and flown all day long as long as you have more fuel. 

4.  How do I learn to fly?

We have several experienced RC pilots in our club that will help get you started.  Learning to fly model aircraft without a qualified instructor can be both dangerous as well as expensive.  The best method to learn is with an appropriate trainer aircraft and a "Buddy Box".  A Buddy Box is a 2nd airplane controller tied to the instructors transmitter using a trainer cord.  This method allows an instructor the ability to take control of your plane if you need help. 

Flight simulator software can be purchased to help you learn to fly as well.  There are numerous programs available and they will help you develop proper coordination of the airplane's controls.  These simulators should be used in addition to a qualified instructor and are not a replacement for actual flight time. 

5.  How many members do you have in your club?

We have approximately 30 members in our club.  It varies year to year.  We are always seeking new members to expand interest in this exciting sport/hobby.  The membership application can be found HERE. 

6.  How much does membership cost?

The Morrison Model Aircraft Flyers (MMAF) is a Not-For-Profit organization.  Our membership dues are used to expand our club and maintain the flying field.  For adults, membership is $40 per year.  Junior membership (18 and younger) is $10 per year.  Family membership is $10 for each member after the first paid adult membership. 

7.  What are the club requirements?

In order to fly model aircraft at the MMAF airfield, you must be AMA insured.  Non-members may fly at the field as long as they are AMA insured and accompanied by a club member.  If you want to learn more about the AMA, go to www.modelaircraft.org 

8.  When does the club meet?

Unless specified differently, our club meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00.  There are no monthly meetings from December-March.  Club activities can be seen on ourEvents Page. 

9.  When does the club fly?

Most pilots can be found flying on the weekends (weather permitting).  Sunday afternoon is the most popular time to see club members at the airfield, however any nice day with low wind will bring members out.  See our "Events" page to see if anything is coming up. 

10.  What are the club rules?

The MMAF follows the rules outlined by the AMA.  Additionally, there is no flying allowed at the airfield before 9am.  This is due to the close proximity of the parks campground.  Any additional rules are outlined in our Club's Bylaws. 

11. Who maintains the airfield?

MMAF members sign up for mowing and field maintenance as it is needed.  There are typically one or two work days planned each year depending on what is needed.